Visual Hierarchy in Web Design
Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

What is Visual Hierarchy?

Visual hierarchy is the order in which humans process information on a page. It’s a system to prioritise elements so that they are easily understood. Without a visual hierarchy or design structure, users can be overwhelmed and as a result, fail to take anything in. Design is all about visual communication. Once you understand how the human eye processes these, you’ll find yourself better able to arrange your elements more effectively.

Want to know the 10 best plugins for WordPress? Well there are more than 50,000 plugins in the WordPress directory, not to mention thousands more third-party websites. Since WordPress is open-source code, anyone can create and sell a plugin or make it available for free. With so many options to choose from, selecting which plugins are best for your WordPress site can be tough.

As a Web Design Agency with 16+ years of experience and a deep knowledge of building WordPress websites. We have made a list of 10 of the best plugins for WordPress in 2021:

1. Yoast SEO

Every WordPress site…


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